Hastings Streets

Major & Local Streets

The Hastings Streets & Construction Department is responsible for routine maintenance and construction within the road right-of-way. They also assist with maintenance of water and sewer lines throughout the City include valve exercising and hydrant flushing. Street sweeping, brush and leaf pickup, storm sewer maintenance, pothole patching, sidewalk improvements, snow removal, and traffic control signs and signals are all activities of the Street Department.

City streets are funded through both the Major and Local Street funds. All streets in the city are designated as either a major or local street under Michigan Public Act 51. The city has 14.81 miles of major streets and 32.46 miles of local streets. Revenue for this fund comes from the State of Michigan through a formula that factors in the city’s population and miles of roadway. Parking lot costs are not eligible for funding from the State. The City also receives Small Urban Grant funds through the State for improvements to Major Streets roughly every two years. This helps with the costs associated with mill and resurface projects.


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